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Academic License™ offers a license option designed to meet the needs of educational institutions like aeronautical schools and colleges.

Our Academic License highlights:
  • Unlimited use of the™ software on faculty staff and classroom workstations
  • 100 free student licenses every year *
  • Complimentary online support
  • Access to the™ Classroom Solution

The™ Classroom Solution is an online interface for course administrators. The user-friendly system allows to manage student licenses and provides feedback on each of your student`s progress. Make™ part of your curriculum - the Classroom Solution features an option to create training set-ups for individual students or your entire class to introduce individual tests in detail or simulate an exam situation.

Our Academic License Plan carries a very competitive price tag of 2,990.00 USD for 100 licenses and can be terminated anually at just four weeks notice. We will be glad to provide you free demo access to the™ software and classroom solution SkyTest® CATE. Please contact our sales team for further details.

* To be provided to enlisted faculty students only. Students may download the software to one personal device for home studies. Unused licenses lapse and cannot be transferred into the next year.
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