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An innovative Preparation Suite for ATSA and AT-SAT
by StuckMic
Are you invited to an air traffic controller pre-employment screening (ATSA / AT-SAT) for a career in FAA air traffic control? Then™ might be what you are looking for: an innovative and comprehensive software preparation suite. To hone training experience and outcome beyond a simulation of tests™ offers:

 Prep Modules developed under a didactic and methodical perspective
 A Training Assistant to organize preparation in accordance with performance development
 Reference Scores to compare your performance against
 User Boards and a Support Client embedded in the software™ software currently comprises four new training modules for ATSA (Air Traffic Collision Scenarios, Differences, Value Assignments and Relations, Visual Relationships), seven training modules for each of the AT-SAT cognitive tests, and four supplemental Math tests. Take the tour to learn more about ATSA and AT-SAT, our software and how™ will help you in your preparation.

Also available on the AppStore™ for iPad™
Also available on Google Play™ for Android™ tablets
Learn more about™ for ATSA
Learn more about™ for AT-SAT
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For Mac OS™ please have a look at SkyTest® Preparation Software for FEAST ATCO Screenings which contains similar ATSA prep tests but is also available for Mac™ (see Global Tests in SkyTest® software).™ News
ATSA prep tests for iPad™ and Android™
Preparation software for new ATSA